Shell Sperling Photography | About

When not out and about with daughter Izzy (aka Twinkle) or walking the dog, Shell is either finding new ideas for upcoming shoots or tucking into a cup of tea – with biscuits of course!

An adventurous food lover who would be hard pushed to choose between shades on the beach or a snowy winter wonderland, Shell is bound to inspire you with her fun and creative ideas. From kids in converse to snowboarding brides, she will capture those perfect moments.

Also known as ‘The Short Side’ of Shell Sperling Photography! Karen will capture those special memories for you – once she’s had her coffee! An avid wake boarder, the beach also calls out to Karen; with cuddling up to a French bulldog coming in at a close second.  If you need the right angle captured at that precise moment, Karen is on it!

Both Shell and Karen have oodles of experience, they are able to adapt their favourite styles of photography to suit you – whether you are looking for an exciting and fun shoot, or something more natural, they will work their magic and leave you gobsmacked!